The Best Standard of Care in Equine Imaging is Here

Asto CT was founded on the principle of offering safe, high-quality CT imaging to improve quality of life for horses and ensure peace of mind for their owners. It is the world’s first weight-bearing, fan-beam computed tomography (CT) scanner for imaging limb pairs and head & neck of a standing, sedated equine patient in as little as 20 seconds. With Asto CT there is no need for general anesthesia. Asto CT is Safe, Simple, and Standing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide veterinarians with the imaging tools they need to improve diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the distal limb and diseases of the head and neck in equine patients.

What makes the Equina different from other conventional CT scanners?

The Equina has been purpose-built in consultation with equine and large animal veterinarians to rapidly acquire CT images from equine patients of all conformations and sizes. The overall strength of the system includes consideration for the weight & power of the horse even in the extreme conditions of kicking or rearing up. Its horse-oriented design has informed the choice of colors, materials, sounds, and environmental conditions compatible with horses. The Equina by Asto CT is NOT a repurposed human-use CT scanner.